Future thinking. Spotting trends + designing futures.

Thinking about the trends that are shaping the world helps us define our plausible futures. As a foresight researcher we view the world through a social, technical, economic, environmental and political perspective to create scenarios to inform our design decisions. More info.

Internet of Things. Creating the digital layer in our physical world.

We are seeing the emergence of a network of objects, an ‘Internet of Things’, that empowers computers to perceive the world for themselves and act independently on our behalf. IoT has the potential to significantly impact the operation of cities, buildings, infrastructure, products and services. More info.

Cities. The canvas for our work.

The Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Sustainable Connected Cities aims to enhance the social, economic and environmental well being of cities by advancing compute, communication and social constructs to deliver innovations in system architecture, algorithms, and societal participation. More info.